Monday, October 6, 2008

Eric Schmidt, Fount to Energy Disinformation

Watch Google's Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt make a total fool of himself, about carbon free energy. Eric Schmidt trusts Amory Lovins, and that is downright stupid.. If you listen carefully you will hear him uncritically quote the genius. Here is an hour of Schmidt peddling Lovins snake oil. Schmidt recites the RMI line perfectly, and like the world class chump he is, does not have the slightest idea that he has made himself a Lovins disinformation asset. Listen to Schmidt's "Deep Green Thinking". Is Schmidt really so dumb that he thinks the power companies that are lining up in front of the NRC door with applications for new nuclear power plant licenses in hand don't know what they are doing with their money? Schmidt lays out the RMI line on energy efficiency, renewables, and nuclear energy. The CEO of Google does not know enough about running a business have an economist to double check Amory Lovins work. After all Lovins is a genius, so he must be incapable of making a mistake. Lovins is more than a genius, he is the Chuck Norris of energy. If Amroy Lovins says something is so, it is entirely futile to check on the facts. The facts fear Amory Lovins' genius so much, they can be counted to back up whatever Lovins says. The facts all know that Amory Lovins can alter them and even make them disappear. Indeed, because of Amory Lovins, many facts sleep with the fish.

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Jason Ribeiro said...

..."the Chuck Norris of energy"...that's funny. I think that "being green" has been reduced to a belief prescription that one needs to follow without question to be included in the "club of green". Google has often said they don't want to be evil, yet some of the most evil acts are perpetrated by those who believe they are doing the most good. How ironic?
What do we call groups that promote a certain belief, shun those who stray from the path, don't invite new ideas, and vow to abstain from evil?
Google may not be evil yet of course, but their hubris has certainly risen to a new level.


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