Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Thorium Grand Plan

The Thorium Grand Plan is very much on my mind, and has been on my mind for a year and a half. I believe that we have solved the conceptual problems that needed t0 be solved before the Grand plan can be written up. What remains create a single coherent document that outlines the plan, and anticipates and answers questions about it.

I would prefer to not work on this project alone. I view this as a collegiate project, and contributes should be acknowledge as coauthors. I would not necessarily see myself as the lead author for this project, especially if someone else wants to take that responsibility.


Jason Ribeiro said...

Make sure you sign up for Google wave when it comes online. It should be a great collaboration tool for this type of effort.

friend2all said...

Nobody else writes as well
or cares more.

I hope you end up leading the effort to write a formal Thorium Grand Plan Charles (but a few guest contributors might help to keep the project from becoming a chore).

DW said...

I helped start the discussion thread on this on energyfromthorium. I like to focus on 'markets' for the LFTR, where it can be applied, how all sizes of LFTR can be integrated into the worlds physical economy.

I see the "Grand Plan" as a "Grand Plan for a Thorium Economy".



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