Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wind link from John Droz, jr.

John Droz, jr. has sent me this link to Bonneville Power Administration data, including 7 day wind generation data, and other interesting stuff.
Also John's slide show:
Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Update 3:30 PM: There is a very lively debate about issues related to Wind Generation today on Energy Pulse.


Anonymous said...

Not too long ago, I responded to one of the environmental guest posts by John Droz, jr. and exchanged links to our best presentations. The windmill on the car stuck in my mind as memorable. I believe that it was the first time John had seen the Aim High presentation. I also notice and am happy that the Lftr has been recently added to his presentation. I am amazed at how fast you two found each other and I am glad.


donb said...

There is quite a bit of good stuff in the slide presentation. But I was then disappointed to see a few references on slide number 123. One was to fuel free "magnetic power". The other was to the "Orion Project." The latter is an organization promoting (and taking donations for) various projects. There are references to two specific projects. One is to the use of "Brown's gas" (electrolyzied water) to run engines in the hope of increased efficiency. The other is to thermal engines. In this second case, the text speaks of the amount of heat that can be generated by heat pumps (much more heat out than heat equivalent of the energy put in). It text then goes on in blissful disregard of the laws of thermodynamics, implying that it should be possible to extract large amounts of mechanical power (more than put in) from all that heat.

Someone who claimes to be a physicist should know better.


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