Saturday, October 3, 2009

A comment on solar power from the Energy Collective

Solar advocates have consistently adopted a wildly optimistic attitude toward Solar costs and implementation difficulties. There has been a most unfortunate attitude that suggested that since there were some problems with nuclear power, the problems of solar power would be easily to master. Of course this is not a logical position, but solar advocates have never been strong on logic. The consequence of failure to think through the problems of solar power is that projects become enviable as soon as their problems become understood. Meanwhile the case for nuclear power grows ever stronger, despite the challenges from nuclear-phobic groups like Greenpeace.

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DV8 2XL said...

Which obliquely brings up one of my pet peeves with the alternative energy crowd: Why is it that they seem comfortable assuming that advanced technology will somehow answer all of the problems with their generating mode of choice, yet insist that the issues attached to nuclear energy are insurmountable?

This is particularly annoying given that all of the so-called 'problems' with nuclear energy have readily available off-the-shelf solutions, while the technology to mitigate the shortcomings of renewables are ether undeveloped or seem to require repealing the Laws of Thermodynamics.


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