Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Facebook Message from Robert Steinhaus

Robert sent you a message.

Subject: A friendly Hi!from the first Thorium Energy Alliance Conference

Hello Charles!
I would like to send you greetings from the Thorium Energy Alliance Conference. Beginnings only come once and this is the only very first Thorium Energy Alliance Conference. You were missed by those attending. We are sorry that health considerations kept you from attending.

John Kutsch, who largely organized the event, assured me that the vast majority of the sessions would be available over the Internet in days. While the attendance is small I think you would be pleased at the strength of the list of those who made the trip and gathered for the event.

I would just like to thank you for all of the inspired and informative blogging that you have done for the cause of energy and specifically for LFTRs.

Best wishes!
-Bob Steinhaus

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Soylent said...

Trends tend to grow or shrink in geometric fashion. Although the initial audience may be small, if it becomes a trend at all it is only because of the dedication of the initial few who managed to persuade a small group of people of their ideas.

Trends are geometric because if they are persuasive each person who holds it manages to pass it on to a few individuals, who in turn pass it on to a few more in an influenza like progression. Even bad ideas like wind power, corn-ethanol, blood-letting, communism, magical thinking and pyramid schemes can be persuasive; the sooner you can point out the success, failure or short commings of an idea and arm people with critical thinking skills, the more you can promote adoption of good ideas and rejection of bad ideas.


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