Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kirk Sorensen explains the LFTR

Kirk Sorensen explains the LFTR at Protospace in Calgary, AB, Canada.“


Andrew Jaremko said...

Charles - thanks for posting this one. I was there, along with my friend Alan. In fact, I'm the one who puts his hand up when Kirk asks if anybody's read Gerard O'Neill's "The High Frontier". Kirk was a lot more energetic at Protospace than he is in the TEDxYYC presentation.

It was great to meet Kirk. To everyone out there - if you can go to one of his presentations, do it. We didn't get to talk more about space and Marshall Savage's "The Millennial Project" though. :-( Maybe next time.

Rasmus said...

I watched the whole 2:30h thing yesterday. It is a fantastic talk. Infectious optimism and excitement.

Karel Beelaerts van Blokland said...

Charles, theank you for uploading, just one of the best indepth presentations on nuclear and LFTR I've ever seen. Indeed infectious and exiting once this technology comes avalable. The world needs it badly.

Karel Beelaerts van Blokland
the Netherlands

Jim Baerg said...

When was this?
I'm partway through listening to it & really regret missing the live version.

Jim Baerg 51° N 114° W


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