Tuesday, November 15, 2011

TEDxNewEngland | 11/01/11 | The Future of Nuclear Power: Getting Rid of Nuclear Waste

A couple of MIT graduate students think they have invented a new way of solving the nuclear wast problem. Their presentation is full of good ideas, but you have already read about all of them on Energy from Thorium or Nuclear Green.


Anonymous said...

To my mind this seems the least useful of the MSR concepts, If your not breeding or at least converting then your squandering a valuable and vital resource (otherwise known as "waste").

Charles Barton said...

This is a student project. They are on the right track, but they still have a lot more to learn. For students they are doing quite well.

John in the Lot said...

I suppose it's possible that they've "simplified" what they are presenting for a non-technical audience, but if not, then they haven't absorbed much of what is available on the various technical blogs including, of course, yours.
I wish that I'd had the internet available when I was a student! I'd like to know where they found the graphic for the proposed chinese nuclear plants though!

Ringside said...

Someone is spruiking the following:

1. New Technology eg Thorium or liquid technology - can make nuclear power safe.

2. Fukushima and Chernobyl were examples of old technology, that can be avoided.

3. Nuclear power is no longer more expensive than coal fired power stations.

4. Nuclear power is the only carbon free answer to Global warming.

5. Nuclear power is not predominantly used for bombs or weapons.

The Germans don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

1. It is safe, but that safety costs. MSRs likely could lower the costs among other things.
2. They are old technology. Modern designs would not have failed in similar circumstances.
3. Coal externalizes it's costs in a way and on a scale that nuclear doesn't and yet nuclear remains competitive.
4. Nothing can match nuclears energy density and therefor it's ERoEI or be built on the scale required.
5. It isn't. Commercial plants don't as a practical matter produce weapons grade material.
6. Germany is going to be buying natural gas from Russia and electricity from elsewhere in Europe, a significant fraction likely produced in nuclear plants.


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