Thursday, January 22, 2015

ThorCon moving forward?

"The American ‘skunkworks’ start-up ThorCon, established by shipping pioneer Jack Devanney, announced that Martingale, Inc has completed the pre-conceptual design of itsThorCon Molten Salt Reactor and that further design work is underway at a rapid pace. ThorCon’s MSR is a completely modernised version of Oak Ridge’s successful Molten Salt Reactor Experiment, part-fuelled by thorium and designed, from the ground up, for mass production in shipyards."

If this is true, we have in ThorCon a serious MSR backed by deep pockets.  If their design has already moved past the precopnceptual stage, and they are examining the whers and hows of manufacture, they are very serious.  The word "skunkworks " is important.  So far we have an internet presence, to which is attached the names of several credible people, nut nothing we can look at or touch.  I awate further evidence of a tangible reality with anticipation.


Unknown said...

Hi Charles!

I believe I was first persuaded to look at molten salt reactor technology by your impassioned plea at Brave New Climate years ago in response to the IFR. I cannot thank you enough for that.

Yeah, ThorCon is super serious.

Corey Barcus

Unknown said...


Are you planning to attend TEAC 7? I am not sure I can afford to go. I think it will be historic.

The ThorCon system reminds me of the early 80s IBM PC design approach.

And have you seen this paper on the MSFR?

Corey Barcus

Unknown said...

I believe this was the discussion that stirred my curiosity:


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