Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bellefonte I and II

TVA's original Bellefonte reactor project was suspended 1988 and eventually in 2006 TVA surrendered the its construction license for the two reactor. At the time the reactor construction was suspended, the two Bellefonte reactors were 88% and 58% complete. TVA has more recently sought NRC licenses for the construction two AP-1000 reactors at the Bellefonte site. Pictures of the Bellefonte site reveal that the buildings of Bellefonte I and II are still in place and the incomplete reactors have not been disassembled, although they may have been stripped of parts which TVA used to refurbish other reactors. Parts can be replaced.

TVA recently decided to complete the Watts Bar II reactor. Watts Bar II is expected to be completed and go on line in 2013. In addition TVA completed a project to rebuild its Browns Ferry I reactor last year. It did not make a great deal of sense to me that TVA would decide to complete the second Watts Bar reactor but not the two incomplete Bellefonte unites. It did not make sense to TVA either, because this week it asked the NRC to reinstate its construction license for Bellefonte I and II.

TVA expects to complete construction of three reactors between 2012 and 2017. But it is clear that TVA will need more reactors. Not only is demand for electricity increasing in the TVA area, but the burning of coal in steam plants has become increasingly unacceptable. Not only does burning coal contribute to global warming, but it also has adverse health and environmental effects. Not only that but Asian demand for coal has driven coal prices up and it is likely that the next congress will pass a carbon tax.

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djysrv said...

Nice summary! Additional details on costs here.


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