Monday, January 26, 2009

Update on my father

I just received a call from my brother David. My father is still alive. David stayed up with him all night. Daddy talked a lot, but was not very coherent. David had not discussed prognosis with the Doctor. We talked about hospice care in the event of a hospital discharge. My feeling is that the end is very near.

Update 6:23 PM, 1/26/09: I just received the following email from David:
Daddy is doing well. I just left him sitting up in bed and Anna Kate feeding him mushy versions of chicken, potatoes and something that looks sorta greyish green. He was eating enthusiastically. Up to this point he has not been allowed anything by mouth. He looked much happier and immediately started dozing off in his normal way.

Don't know what the prognosis is for the immediate future. I suspect at least one more day in the hospital, and then probably home with nursing care. I couldn't get the doctor to call me today---I was asleep in the PM when he came to check on Daddy. I pulled the night shift after arriving from Dallas at 10:30 PM. Anna Kate had been up for 24 hours solid, so she promptly went home and slept for a good 10 hours. I'll be on night's again tonight, so if anyone wants to email, skype or chat, I'll be there, the hospital wireless network allowing.

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