Friday, April 24, 2009

My Nomination for the Next Energy Czar

Barack Obama is a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln and just as Lincoln was loosing the civil war in the early months of his presidency, Obama is loosing the energy war during the early montha of his presidency. Unlike Lincoln who witnessed generals return to Washington with their defeated armies, Mr Obama does not know that his side is loosing the war. Like Lincolm, Obama has a bunch of incompetent generals. Eventually in 1864 Mr. Lincoln figured out which general to appoint. That was of course U.S. Grant. Grant knew what he was doing, and eventually won the war. Mr. Obama needs to get rid of the idiots and appoint someone who understands the problems an knows what he is doing. Fortunately however, fortunately for Mr. Obama and the country, I am available to advise the president on energy leadership.

My advice would be brief. We need someone who understands nuclear technology, not an an anti-nuclear lawyer, of failed physics undergraduate to be Energy Czar. The Energy Czar must understand the fundamentals of engineering, and of energy systems. He must be well educated and articulate, with real communication skills. He must have had hands on experience with real energy producing devices. A little business experience in the energy business would also help, although perhaps not experience with big energy businesses.

The Energy Czar should be very intelligent but down to earth. He should possess common sense. He should be able to distinguish between people who are well grounded, idiots and gifters. Finally, he should passionately care about the future of energy. In short we need a prince among men to provide us with national energy leadership.

Fortunately such a person exists. His name is Rod Adams! My advice to the president is to seek Rod out and beg him to take the job.


Jason Ribeiro said...

I'm sure Rod will be honored by your nomination. I recommend Rod as well with the full weight of the 180 million plus people who support nuclear energy in America!

donb said...

I'm sure Rod could get the job done right, if he were allowed to do it. Unfortunately, the Federal Government seems to be set up to chew up and spit out anyone who might get things done. The methods of government seem to be directed more towards rewarding the politically powerful (those who make large campaign contributions). Benefits to the people as a whole are just a byproduct.

Charles Barton said...

The only condition under which Rod would be permitted anywhere close to power would require an open admission of the desperation of our circumstances. This will only occur when we acknowledge the reality we face. I believe that day is coming. Call me an optimist.

David Walters said...

I second the nomination!!!!!

David Walters

Anonymous said...

I do not think you could find a brighter guy for the post or one that has better comand of the essentials and a grasp of the energy big picture.

The country would be fortunate to have Rod Adams as an Obama advisor or energy czar.

Barry Brook said...

A perfect choice!

I have to say Charles, I'm getting mighty disappointed with the lack of sensible statements or action on the energy front by the new Administration -- for which I once had such high hopes.


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