Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kirk posting on Manchester

Kirk Sorensen is posting comments on his Manchester experiences.
(You have to be a registered participant in the EfT Forum to read.)

Update 5:00 PM CT: Kirk is back in his hotel room exhausted, but very pleased with his day. He feels that his presentation went very well.

The Manchester Report Panel plans to select the 10 best proposals from the 20 presentations, and will highlight those presentations in the report.

Update 9:30 PM CT: Early reports indicate that Kirk 's presentation was everybit the success we had hoped for. Kirk was interviewed by reporters from the Guardian and also by British Television. Dan Reicher of Google appears to have been interested by Kirk's presentation. He plans to attend Kirk's Goofle lecture on July 20.


Alex P said...

Which thread is it? Is it still on line, I didn' t find it...

Alex P said...

Ok, now I found it!

Anonymous said...

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