Sunday, December 12, 2010

Morning thoughts

I welcome NNadir back to Nuclear Green with another of his stimulating posts.

My health problems are a little worse, and this is going to interfere with my postings in the short run. I found myself yesterday attempting to write a post with my heart beating at 124 beats a minute. "This is not going to work," I thought. I had a procedure on Friday, an attempt to reset my heart rhythm, but it was unsuccessful. My doctor wants to try a couple of medications. My condition is not grave. I can live with the arrhythmia, but it does interfere with my quality of life, and my productivity.


Rick Maltese said...

Hi Charles

I have learned to enjoy the challenge of writing short little pieces of music like some of Chopin's Preludes. I suppose the same can happen with your posting. They might be less often and maybe shorter but they can still be inspired. You have been quite prolific. Maybe it's time to let the gems emerge when they're ready. Not to say that many of your most haven't been gems.

Meredith Angwin said...

Take care of yourself. Movies and music and naps! That's my prescription. Of course, I'm not a cardiologist.

Post when you can and don't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

Warm to hot baths. A little Congac. All good. Peace.

David Walters

DocForesight said...

Wishing you complete restoration of your health and looking forward to your prolific postings in 2011.


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