Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zero PV output in Germany today.

Photovoltaic electrical output in Germany tody has been 0 kWhs generated. That is zip people, zero, nothing, nada. How cn I make this plain to the idiots who believe in renewable energy, the billions of dollars that have been unvested in photovoltaic energy in Germany has on December 18, 2010 not yeielded the slightest amount of electricity.


Anonymous said...

Today's output is rounded to zero, yesterday it was not much better at 2% at peak output (yes that's peak not even the average production). The day before it was again zero.

I live close to Germany and its clear why this is happening - cloudy and snowy conditions.

Its important to spread information like this.

Cheers, Cyril

Pedro said...

Today it seems to be that the solar panels are covered by snow... I wonder how much they will produce in summer.

Jim Baerg said...

I've seen several solar panel installations on nearby mountains I've climbed. These are to provide power for such things as radio relays & fire lookout stations. They all have the solar panels facing south & vertical so snow doesn't stick to the panels.

PV is useful for applications where you don't need more than a few kW & a grid connection would be difficult, & only there SFAICT. The people who use it for such application arrange the panels sensibly.

Jim Baerg 51° N 114° W


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