Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blindman's Bluff

When I started woeking on my income tax, I realized that I might qualify for the deduction that is given to people who are legally blind. I certainly am visually handicapped. I can only read the headlines in the newspaper. It is beyond my capacity to read the text of thr story. I cannot read books. This is all due to glocoma. I have had treatments, but they have not been sucessful. I have something called an express shunt in my right eye. Hopefully that is controling the glocoma in that eye, but my vision in that eye is almost completely lost. My glocoma has reached a point, that makes blogging increasingly difficult.

Planning for my income Tax, I ask myself if I qualify for the exemption legally blind people
are entitled too. My primary care doctor thinks so, but I have yet to consult with my glocoma specialist.

A few months ago my heart stopped beating and I am only alive because it was shocked back ito life. A few days later A lung collapsed, and my life was again saved by emergancy surgery and an artifical breathing aid.

Some people might say, "Charles, you have done enough. Enjoy the amazing fct that you are still alive. you are discharged from your duties."

But I have a mission that one day will effect the entire population of the earth. When I was in the hospital two things kept me going. The first was my love fot mmy eife Becky. The second was my feeling that I had more to do, that I had lived through my ordeal for a reason. And that reason was my mission of making the Molten Salt Reactor better known.

Surviving a critical illness can change a person. It has changed me. I am more self confident. When I was in Asberry Place I began to think about going out into public in speak about the Molten Salt Reactors, to audiences that were not being reached by blogging,

I hope to follow up on this once I start walking again. and I am working with a physical therapist begin to walk again.

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