Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nuclear power is dangerous

This comes from Brave New Climate:


Lachlan said...

I think you're forgetting the fatalities from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A major danger of nuclear energy is not the energy generation itself, but the proliferation of nuclear technology and materials.

Do countries like Iran and North Korea have a right to the same energy technology as the rest of the world? I would argue they do. If they shouldn't use nuclear, then the rest of us shouldn't either.

Charles Barton said...

I will write a fuller responce to this comment in my blog.

jimwg said...

I think it'll be a cold day in hell when the greens or the media flashes that PSI Severe Accidents chart. Thanks for displaying it. No brain-wringing or complex rad stats. It plainly says it all.

James Greenidge
Queens NY

Cyril R said...

@ Lachlan. Nuclear power reactors are not nuclear weapons. Would you add the deaths caused by fossil fuel produced bombs to fossil fuel power generation? Would you add terrorist fertilizer bombs to your tomato kill rate? Wind and solar need lots of natural gas backup. Natural gas is used for making fertilizer. Fertilizer is often used to make nitrate bombs. So should we add the bomb deaths to wind and solar?

Fossil fuels kill a million a year. Nuclear is the only technology that can truely replace fossil. Wind and solar are just minor additions to a fossil grid.


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