Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Delayed Answer to a 2011 comment on Advantages of Nuclear Power

In 2011 I wrote this post as well as a second post on Mark Z Jacobson's anti-nuclear arguments. Jacobson argues that by adopting nuclear power, we chose a path that will lead to nuclear war. The argument that building on nuclear power pllants in the United Stats will lead other states to acquire nuclear weapons is weak. States have options for acquiring nuclear weapons, without building Nuclear Power Plants. This reality, unlike Jacobson's speculations is based on proven facts. States like Isreal, South Africa, Pakistan, and North Korea have acquired Nuclear weapons with out possing a single nuclear power plant. Mark Z. Jacobson ignores this fact.
Secondly, even if the United States builds no no Reactors, states like India and China are comitted to massive, long term nuclear power build ups. Thus whether or not American energy policy us guided by Mark Z, Jacobson's flawed logic, many nuclear plants will be built during the next generation.

In a previous post I looked at Mark Z. Jacobson's decision to exclude nuclear power as an future...

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