Friday, June 5, 2015

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    This essay is a responce to the two part esssay on the relationship of capacity factors to grid penetration by solar and wind generated electricity. The original essay, written by Breakthrough Institute writers Jesse Jenkins and Alex Trembath argued that capacity factors tended to limit the grid penetration of wind and solar. This essay argues that wind and solr capacity factors cannot be treated as additive, since none dispatchable power sources may be generating at the same time, thus competing for customers.
    Guest Post by John Morgan. John is Chief Scientist at a Sydney startup developing smart grid and grid scale energy storage technologies.  You can follow John on...
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    This is the second of a two part essay on the role of renewables in the future post carbon grid. The essay is argued from the perspective that solving the problem of post carbon energy will require much more than renewable energy sources. Whether or not the writers have assessed all of the factors that would determine the value of renewable energy to the post carbon grid, is an open question. I will offer some further reviews of this question
    Intermittent solar and wind are growing robustly today, and in some regions are approaching technical and economic obstacles to their further deployment....
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    Are Renewables the comprehensive answer to the post carbon energy problem? This is the forst part of a two part study of the evidence.
    Wind and solar have come a long way in recent years, contributing over 10 percent of all new electricity demand between 2003 and 2013. But large penetrations of wind and solar, commonly celebrated in countries like Germany and Denmark, look less...

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