Sunday, September 13, 2015

David Walters on the Marxist View on Nuclear Power

avid Walters is a pro-nuclear bloger who was an early supporter of MSR nuclear technology, a worker in the electrical industry, and a dedicated Marxist. In case you get the idea that David is crazy, read this extended essay which explaines why Marxist should support Nuclear power, and the importaDnce of nuclear power for a post impearalist world order. There is a good deal that could be said in favor of much of David's srgument. I say this even though I am not a Marxist. Capitolism has proven more adapt at the organization of capital as an ordering force, in the large scale production of consumer goods. Capitolism isa able to produce massive quanities of goods, but is utterly unable to distribute its production in a way that is both equitable ans efficient. In capitolists societies, in inordinate share of final cost lies in the distribution rather than the production system.
The anti-nuclear power advocates are in no way manifing a Maexist ideology, according to David Walters. They are part of the imperialist system. Of course we have a problem for the Marxist too, because the supposedly Marxist Peoples Republic of China is part of that system too. Ot is doubtful that Marx is much read in China these days, however. Communism is just a name for a political party. I posted this because, David's views, published in Left Atomics should receive far more attewntion than they have received.  They point to evidence that Marxism is a useful intellectual tool for understanding opposition to nuclear power in post-industrial societies, It is also a useful tool for counteracting the claims of psudo-liberal opponants of nuclear power.   As I have stated, i am not a Marxist, and i am afraid that we will always have to put up with imperfect political and economic systems.  This does not mean that the Marxist have nothing to say.  David Walters, when writing about the rational for nuclear energy, and why nuclear energy is so unpopular in capitolist-imperialist societies, does have a great deal to say, and demonstates the usefulness of Marxism as an intellectual tool.

Note the link below is imperfect.  After following it, click on the Left Atomic banner, then go down the page to Communist PLP Supports Nuclear Energy.
Here is a link to Left Atomic.

To finish the link, click on the left Atomic Banner, and then go down the page to Communist PLP Supports Nuclear Energy.  

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