Monday, May 12, 2008

Chinese AP-1000 contractors

More information is emerging about contracts related to the construction of the first four Chinese AP-1000s.   Of particular note is the role of a Korean company Doosan Heavy Industries which is building both the reactor pressure vessels and the steam generators for the first four Chinese AP-1000s. The Doosan components of the AP-1000 reactor kit appear to be running between $175 million and $144 Million, with perhaps some price drop as serial production of AP-1000 components begins.

I suspect that China plans to add the heavy industrial capacity to build pressure vessels and steam generators in the not too distant future. It was already known that Curtiss-Wright will build the coolant pumps for the first batch of AP-1000s. Curtiss-Wright recently received purchase orders for 24 AP1000 coolant pumps for over $300 million. This would mean a price of at least $100 million per reactor for coolant pumps. Serial production of pumps by Curtiss-Wright would probably lower per unit costs.

Curtiss-Wright can expect another order for 8 more pumps n the near future, and probably for dozens and even hundreds more during the next few years. Steam turbines for Chinese AP-1000 will come from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and its Chinese partner Harbin Power Equipment. We could probably expect that Harbin Power Equipment will be producing a large number and perhaps all of the stram turbines fir Chinese AP-1000s.


DW said...

Charles, any price on the steam turbine and generator sets?


Charles Barton said...

David, I have not seen a price yet.

charlesH said...


I got an actual letter back from Senator Orin Hatch (Utah) regarding thorium power legislation he is working on. Included is a telephone number of the staffer working on the legislation and an invitation to call.

I want to scan and email the letter to yourself and Kirk Sorensen. Do you have an email for yourself and Kirk?

My email is



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