Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thorium Remix 2009

Kirk Sorensen, Dr. Robert Hargraves, and Dr. Joe Bonometti explain the importance of Thorium as a potential nuclear fuel and the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) in this digested version of their Google Tech Talks. 197 minutes of video have been digested into a 25 minute long video, which can serve as an introduction to these revolutionary ideas, and the talk is indexed for important ideas.

00:34Thorium not fissionable, so how can it be a fuel?
01:30Wartime perspective: Uranium vs Thorium. Uranium better suited for bombs.
02:48Today’s light water reactors’ wasteful fuel cycles.
04:17Nuclear criticality and self controlling reactors.
05:251944: A tale of two isotopes.
08:47“We’ll build a fluid fueled reactor.” Easy removal of Xenon-135.
16:05Alvin Wineberg fired. Program canceled.
18:48Basic light water reactor problem: Incomplete combustion. LFTR solves problem of spent nuclear fuel.
20:58What is LFTR’s biggest obstacle? LFTR is different and unknown.
23:11U-238 Pu-239 chemical separation (fast breeder reactors): LFTR still better.

The video was prepared by Gordon McDowell who wrote:
If you are care about climate change, energy independence or nuclear fission byproducts (some take thousands of years to decay), then please check this out.


Jim Baerg said...

The video doesn't show up for me to click on.

I'm using IE 8 on Windows XP

Charles Barton said...

Jim, I don't know what to tell you. It works on my Mac with Safari.


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