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Rick Maltes has posted an Index to the 2010 Nuclear Green posts.

The Index on this page appear to directly link to the post.  Other Nuclear Green posts are can be found through Google searches or the Nuclear Green Archive.  In many cases post are found at the Energy Collective, and a few even further afield online.  Here is the Index:

Further Jacobson objections to Consideration of Nuclear Power: Safety and Uranium
Jacobson: Beyond Cherry Picking
IEA projected price for nuclear, fossil fuel and renewable generated electricity
Mark Z. Jacobson’s Proliferation of errors.
Dec 2010
Was Alvin Weinberg a Team Player?
Alvin Weinberg’s integrity and vision
Honor the Truth
Nuclear Green at three years
The accomplishments of nuclear
Coal-to-liquids: claims vs.reality
Kirk Sorensen asks, “Is Nuclear Waste Really Waste?”
Monsters under the bed
Zero PV output in Germany today.
The MSR/LFTR Beyond WASH-1222
Morning thoughts
The History of Water and Thus, Life, In the Cosmos.
Jane Speaks about the Scientific Method and Wind Energy
Vermont Yankee Explained
The Devil has a New Scheme
Keeping up with China: The Economic Advantage of Molten Salt Nuclear Technology
Nov 2010
Dressler and Lindzen Debate Climate Change Science,
Good science and scientific error: A comment elevated to a post
On the Persecution of Michael Mann
Solar Photovoltaics are not Competitive with Nuclear Power
More on the IThEMS Business Plan from Dr. Kazuo Furukawa
The Sussex Affair: The Conspiracy to Hide Renewables Cost?
The Cost Benefit of Molten Salt Nuclear Technology
Charles Forsberg’s views on Generation IV nuclear costs
The Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor
John Large, Greenpeace Hired Gun
RT: Thorium Might Change the World
Oct 2010
A candidate silver bullet
MIT TechTV – 2010 David J. Rose Lectureship in Nuclear Technology
Dr. Furukawa’s vision
Dr. Furukawa and Mr.Fukushima Reveal Future Fuji Reactor Plans at ORNL
Encounters with Jerry Olsen
China and Belgium Sign Agreement On Development of Plutonium Fuels.
Barack Obama Still Deserves an F on Energy
Reading about Nuclear Technology and Energy Issues – The Oak Ridge Perspective
Peter Braford Slays the Nuclear Straw Man
Sources of nuclear cost saving from small and advanced reactors
David LeBlanc at ORNL, May 2010
Spinning offshore wind: science and renewables propaganda
Reverse Engineering the Future of Energy: Energy Sector Needs
Reverse Engineering the Future of Energy: A future nuclear option?
Arjun Makhijani and the Modular Small Reactor null-hypothesis
Sept 2010
A Thorium Grand Plan
Atlanta Georgia Flood OF 2009 – CNN
Planning for an Energy Future: The Zero Carbon Australia Plan as Representative Example
Why the LFTR is Still Needed
Answer to our energy problems
Fluoride High Temperature Reactor Workshop at ORNL: Day one
Post-Chernobyl Radionuclide Distributions in an Austrian Cow.
More Comments to Douglas Wise on BNC
Energy: Renewables and Efficiency won’t work, but the Molten Salt Reactor can.
Ansewers to Douglas Wise’s Questions about MSR/LFTR Technology
David LeBlanc
Neodymium Nickelate High Temperature Electrolysis of Water In Solid Oxide Cells.
The Simple Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator
The Malthusian trap and the Nuclear Escape
The bankrupt criticism of nuclear power
Do Renewables cost less than nuclear power?
From the blogs
Aug 2010
Advanced High Temperature Reactor
The Best Option
Faustian Bargains: Weinberg or Lovins?
Nuclear Co-generation: Good Idea Coming Back in the Czech Republic.
Weinberg on Nuclear Safety
Atmospheric CO2
An ENERGY Comparison Between Nuclear Plants Now Under Construction, and World Solar PV Production.
I Speak for the Dead
Barry Brook Charts the Path to the Future
Barry Brook has Reason to Celebrate
The LFTR Advocacy Community’s use of Social Media
Who Has Weapons of Mass Destruction And Why?
Atomic Threats and the Revolt of the Nuclear Hostages
Second Annual Great Issues in Energy Symposium: The Nuclear Option
From Nuclear Green to Nuclear Red?
Frim Douhet to “Better Red than Dead”
Whither the Steel?
MSRs and IFRs, the Emergence of Future Nuclear Technology
Hiroshima: August 6, 1945
A Comment to Stephen Gloor on an Energy Collective post
NNadir to post on Nuclear Green
Not one good word for Uranium
Jul 2010
Underground Reactors Revisited
The Big Lots Reactor Revisited
The coal problem and global warming
Moving Toward Marketable Generation IV Reactors
Solving Future Energy Problems with Nuclear Power
Solving Post-Carbon Energy Problems with Nuclear Power | The Energy Collective
Fuji Project Seeks $300 Million in Funding for Thorium Molten Salt Reactor Development
A hat tip to Joe Romm, Words of warning from Barry Brook
Pro-Nuclear Bloggers Stands for Open Science
The July 4th Letter to President Obama Falls Short
White Paper Draft: Deployment and Lowering Post-Carbon Energy Costs, Part 2
Chemistry Music Video 10: One Half Life To Live
Chemistry Music Video 9: Nuclear Power To The People
E-Rob: I do nuclear power
A Note on Nuclear Green Postings
Jun 2010
Dirty Natural Gas
David Walters Returns to Nuclear Blogging
White Paper Draft: Deployment and Lowering Post-Carbon Energy Costs, Part 1
The End of the Fossil Fuel Era
The 7th Carnival of Nuclear Energy with more Blasts from the Past
White Paper on Global Nuclear Deployment Draft: Appendix 1: The Indian Nuclear System
NNadir Blogger Extraordinair
Toward a White Paper on a Mass Global Deployment of Nuclear Power: Fuel
Toward a White Paper on a Mass Global Deployment of Nuclear Power: Safety
Energy Fixers and Policy Wonks
Global Deployment of Nuclear Power
6th Carnival of Nuclear Energy on Nuclear Notes
The nuclear proliferation through reactor fuel recycling canard
South Korea to enter small reactor business
Energy from Thorium Discussion On Target.
Carnival of Nuclear Energy 5 now on Next Big Future
The LFTR in the American Scientist
Liquid Fuel Nuclear Reactors
Indian Long term Nuclear Development Plans and Some implications
Rizvi and Krieger fail to pass muster on nuclear energy
Can we afford to displace CO2 with conventional nuclear energy?
Fourth Carnival of Nuclear Energy Featuring a Vermont Freak shows
A Plowshare approach to the gulf oil leak
Understanding Molten Salt Reactors: 1. How are MSRs Different from LFTRs?
Congressman Joe Sestak Amendment calls for thorium-liquid fueled naval reactors Officially Online
Kent Hawkins offers Reasonable Doubt About Wind’s Carbon Mitigation Effectiveness
May 2010
The Social Construction of Ignorance: Cochran and the Fast Reactor Canard
Blue Ribbon Commission Hearings: Makhijani and Knowledge Pollution
Carnival of Nuclear Energy 3 returns to Next Big Future
The Social Construction of Ignorance: Amory Lovins and Energy
The Social Construction of Ignorance: Knowledge Pollution and Nuclear Power
The social construction of ignorance: Manufacturing doubts
Bellefonte-1 Moving Forward
The Social Construction of Ignorance: Gloor and Adams
The MSR, LMFBR decision: Reason and Science Take a Back Seat
Blog Carnival of Nuclear Energy Number Two
Dick Smyser told the Oak Ridge Story, and Environmental concerns were a part of it
Molten Salt Reactor Safety Related Advantages
Nuclear Green to Host Carnival of Nuclear Energy Number Two
Phoenix Rising
What a Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor will look like
Was the Advent of the Power Reactor Premature?
Disastrous Stewardship 3: Seaborg
Disastrous Stewardship 2: The Weinberg firing
Nuclear power and radiation related illness and death
Disastrous Stewardship: Hollifeld
David LeBlanc: ORNL and Too Good to Leave on the Shelf
Nuclear Green in a Nut Shell
Milton Shaw’s biggest blunder
Milton Shaw’s Nuclear Safety Failure
How Milton Shaw Blew the Nuclear Safety Issue.
Milton Shaw’s Over Selling of the LMFBR
Milton Shaw and the Road to Energy Failure
Apr 2010
The Case for the LFTR
Has Global Crude Oil Production Peaked?
Is “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” reliable?
coal2nuclear Conversions: Steam turbines or Brayton cycle gas turbines.
Per Peterson on Nuclear Energy Future Directions
Earth day
David McKay Lays out Future Energy Choices.
One Bottle is Enough to Blow up Iceland
Nuclear Power in the future of Cement Manufacture
Progress Toward an American Gas Cooled Reactor and Beyond
HEU another shibboleth
Indian Light Water Reactor Costs
Human Labor as Renewable Energy
South Texas Nuclear Project Labor Hours
Libertarians and the Mitigation of Anthropogenic Global Warming
Bermuda high
Existential Choices: Mitigation Efforts and the Future of Conservatives
Conservatives Face Existential Choices on the Environment
Dr. Buzzo announces blog shut down, sex and species change
Kirk Sorensen’s Thorium Energy Alliance 2nd Conference Speech
Collaborator wanted
Mar 2010
Joe Bonometti on LFTR design at the first Thorium Energy Alliance Conference
Rob Morse on Thorium Reactors with out Formulas at the Frist Thorium Energy Alliance Conference
John Kutsch on a Thorium Energy future at Thorium Energy Alliance
Paul Houle on Computer simulation of LFTR designs at Thorium Energy Alliance Conference
David Le Blanc at the first Thorium Alliance Conference
James Kennedy on Rare Earths at first Thorium Energy Alliance Conference
Ralph Moir at the first Thorium Alliance Conference
No Silver Bullets for the RAE
How is Bonneville Power Administration wind doing?
Bright Source to cost $15,000 per kW
Is a high energy, nuclear powered future incompatible with environmental values?
Radon as harbinger of a cornucopia
The Sierra Club with strings attached
Children of the Club of Rome
The Club of Rome Faces the Yellow Reril
Aurelio Peccei’s Flawed Vision and The Club or Rome
Elites and World Future: The Club of Rome
And I thought my workstation looked like a mess
Feb 2010
Power Elites Let the Country Down: The Subprime Meltdown
Power elites, Media narritives and the energy future
Mark Z. Jacobson is Credible as a Scientist?
International Panel on Fissile Materials Report Interesting but Still a Fizzle.
We need a carbon-mitigation cost index
20% wind by 2030 not on track
Glenn Schleede on Subsidies for Cape Cod Wind
Advanced Heavy Water Reactor- 300 LEU
Evidence for David Mackay of the one ton of Thorium per GWe year in LFTRs
Will We Run Out of Uranium?
Louis Armstrong and friends singing We shall Overcome
Cargo Cult Science Revisited
Cargo Cult Science
Energy Decision Making
This little light of mine!
Jan 2010
Reading the Obama Administration Tea Leaves
Not Ready for Prime Time Blue Ribbon Commission
Fire in Sodium cooled reactors: A Sandia Literature Review
Argonne Liquid-Metal Advanced Burner Reactor
The cost of carbon mitigation with renewables
Bill Hannahan’s on his difficulties getting his Archer-Jacobson review published
Can interconnected windfarms replace baseload power plants? Part I, by Bill Hannahan
EIA: 2016 Nuclear Costs will be Lower than Renewables.
This week on the Nuclear blogs
Robert Zavadil on “The Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study”
Charles E. Till’s Account of the IFR Development Program
What is wrong with energy/environment journalism?
IFR breeding, LFTR breeding.
Review of ORNL’s MSR Technology and Status

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